Company Policy for HEALTH & SAFETY & Welfare

It is this Companys intention that its work will be carried out with all reasonable practicable measures taken to avoid risk to its employees or others who may be affected.
The Management and Supervisory Staff have the responsibility of implementing this Policy throughout the Company and must ensure that Health and Safety Considerations are always given priority in planning the day-to-day supervision of work.
All employees and sub-contractors are expected to co-operate with the company in carrying out this Policy and must ensure that their own work, so far as it is reasonably practicable is carried out without risk to themselves or others.
The operation of this Policy will be monitored by the Management and staff of the Company. To assist them in this respect the Company have appointed a Consultant Supervisor to visit all sites and workplaces and to give advice on the requirements of the relevant statutory provision and safety matters generally. This Statement of Company Policy will be displayed prominently at all sites and work places.
The organisation and arrangements for implementing the Policy will also be available at each site and work place for reference by any employee as required.

14 May 2007