CLADDINGS used to protect and improve the appearance of insulated pipe work or ducting:

Sheet Metal Engineered Cladding
Various types of metal cladding are used to protect or simply improve the appearance of pipe work and ducting etc.
All metal is fabricated to suit surroundings, colour, heat resistance and water permeability.

Stucco Aluminium

Stainless Steel Cladding

PPC Cladding (polyester powder coated) Aluminum

Plain Aluminum

Isogenopak Cladding

Stucco Aluminium Cladding

birdwell project stainless cladding
Stainless Steel Cladding
Plain Aluminium Cladding
Stucco Cladding & Outdoor Mats to Flanges/ Valves


Stucco Aluminium Cladding to Tank
Stucco Cladding to Steam Pipework & Mats to Valves/ Flanges


Isogenopak Cladding